March 6, 2017


Chris Korben,  MSW, LICSW
Certified Equine Interaction Professional – Mental Health
Author of the book “Speaking of Horses”
Heart’s Desire Stable

I met Trudy Johnson at a clinic now over ten years ago.  I contracted with her to do some body work on me and was grateful for relief she brought to a long standing problem with my feet.  When the problem returned after we had each gone home she was able to work with the problem remotely and again help me find relief from the pain. Over time with her good work the problem was resolved with detox she recommended and some changes in supplements and the way I was eating.

Over the years she has helped me with Lyme disease, in both myself and my animals.  She has been a resource of wonderful dimensions.  She has, I believe, contributed to my own and my animals wellness, over and over again.

When I asked for help with a problem one of my cats was having she said she didn’t think she was very good with cats, but she helped my Amelia and Cleona in many ways over the years.  She has repeatedly found ways to not just help my animals, but to also help me to trust my instincts and be more proactive for myself and for my animals.

Last January when I was having a cancer scare she said she was not seeing any cancer.  When I got to Dana Farber, widely considered one of the best cancer hospitals in the world, they agreed that I did not have cancer.  I had a large benign tumor removed and feel great today.

I am grateful for the many ways that Trudy contributes to the health of me, of my animals and of so many others.

Lana Gale

When something does not seem “right” with me, my husband, my horse, dog or cat, Trudy has such a depth of knowledge to use to help figure out what, if anything, could be done that might improve the condition.  She is constantly “researching” issues and alternative therapies or treatments.  In particular, she is curious about conditions for which there is no cure in normal circumstances.  She is able to offer options for what would help alleviate discomfort or what might improve quality of life.  She also has a deep understanding of the human body, as well as the anatomy of horses, dogs and cats.  Trudy freely shares what she learns.  Over many years Trudy has helped me personally get into a healthy balance.  She uses all of her research to address potential causes of symptoms and offer options for improving the wellbeing of people and animals.  I like that Trudy looks “outside the box” of possibilities.  I feel truly blessed to receive the benefit of Trudy’s research.  I really appreciate her caring.

Sally Grey

My miniature long-haired dachshund, Meriwether, became paralyzed when he was eight months old and he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.  Acupuncture, Valium, and Trudy Johnson’s magic hands restored my dog. After 10 days of total inactivity, he sat up and wanted to come down to be with the family! At first he tottered like a little old man but he steadily improved and he has not been paralyzed since, although from time to time he tells me he is hurting. He is 6 1/2 years old now and Trudy visits him every 4 to 6 weeks, laying her healing hand on my little dog. Trudy usually works with horses she told me, but she has been able to find tune her healing to this little 15 pound dog.

Petra Kempf

My horse suffered from stomach congestions where the root cause could not be established. Although he received the best veterinary care, his condition worsened after a year and we started to run out of options.
When he came to Trudy he was in a constant flight mode which also made it difficult to handle and ride him.  With Trudy’s treatment, my horse’s condition improved and he became calm and relaxed.
I very much appreciate her expertise, commitment, feel and communication with the horse and its body. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for my horse.

Jenny Heishman, Andre ten Dam and Gruela (20 yo gelding)

Trudy’s work is spot on, insightful and has brought incredible support and healing to us and our horse. Health issues can be very destabilizing, in many of these times, Trudy has been wonderfully responsive and gifted at finding a path forward.

Madeline Ellis, Meridian, ID

“After taking my Miniature Pinscher, King, to multiple veterinarians, they all offered no solutions to help with his health issues, except to prescribe strong drugs with awful side effects. I was feeling hopeless up until Trudy started working with us. She has shed a new light on how to handle King’s health struggles, and he is a different dog after just 7 months of working with her. Trudy is always willing to go the extra mile for the animals/individuals that she is working with, and I feel completely confident in the knowledge that she shares. My husband has recently started working with her, and the progress he has made is undeniable, and can only be attributed to Trudy. We are forever grateful for all that she does for us! Thank you, Trudy!”

Becky Rosen

Trudy has been treating  my horse, Mojave, for several years now on a maintenance basis.  My first session with her came from a referral when my horse had a sore back.  I decided to try something a bit different than massage.  The result was a happy and grateful surprise for both me and Mo.  I cannot say enough good without sounding overly gushy.

Besides being highly trained in numerous healing modalities, such as equine osteopathy and equine touch, she also pushes the edge of learning in figuring out physical or internal problems and exploring new ideas.  She brings fun and novelty to each session along with an effortless blend of expertise and knowledge; science and intuitive/energy work.

I have called her numerous times for guidance and she is always available and helpful.  In her science-based “tool kit” she includes – among other things – laser treatment, micro-current, saliva testing, structural alignment and nutritional analysis.

Barbara Knowdell

Trudy has been working with me and my horse for more than 7 years.  She and her work are wonderful.  My horse is a 23 yo QH mare and I am 75 years old.   One of the things I really like is that Trudy is trained in so many different modalities.  She is very knowledgeable about both equine and human anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology.

In the past, I have seen practitioners of individual modalities but always felt that my uniqueness wasn’t honored.  I had to fit into the one modality they used (i.e cranial sacral, a particular form of massage therapy, myotherapy, etc.)  I feel that Trudy considers all of me (or my horse) and then chooses the tools (from multiple modalities) that she thinks would be the most beneficial for us at that particular moment and for whatever specific issues she or I have identified.  She is very kind and supportive and it feels as if she is working with me, not on me.  Her approach just feels good and right for me and my horse.

The other thing I really like is that she doesn’t use a hard sell approach with the supplements and other products. She gives me plenty of information but doesn’t preach at me and push me to use products that I am not ready for.

Cyndi, Texas

“QE is an incredible tool amongst the many modalities out there that use energy to facilitate healing.  I certainly felt a difference with myself after Trudy worked on me,  my energy level increased dramatically and I truly felt 20  years younger!”

Jan, Wisconsin

“… the work Trudy did on me helped me heal from a semi accident.  I had a severe whiplash and problems with my whole structure.   Muscle pain and tightness would pull the bones from the spine, shoulders and hips out of alignment.  When I received Trudy’s work the muscle would relax and my structure would go back in alignment thus I would be out of pain.  The work is wonderful as it is lasting.  She also worked on our dog who had a bad jump and hit a heavy chair and injured her TMJ and spine.  This work has helped her as well.  I am very grateful for this work.”

Karen,  Washington

“The most awesome thing I remember the most was releasing his hindquarters and this was with the first session!  He stopped scooting and started moving his hindlegs and his tail was free to move instead of being clamped to his butt so he really got differentiation in his hindquarters.  Overall this has led to freer movement all the way through his body through subsequent sessions,  I got his back lifting and bending in his ribcage.  He’s better able to support a rider and accomplish training level dressage.  Such a change!
For me I could really get a sense  of the changes in my body while she was doing the sessions.  I could then sense my newly organized whole body system when I got up and walked around.  It was fun testing the adjustments affects too, by climbing up and down stairs, waling in place ,  on a trampoline or whatever.”

Vicky,  Wisconsin

“ I have known Trudy for around 15+ years,  and have watched her develop her skills in the healing modalities from the very beginning.  It was clear to us that watched her journey from the start that she had a talent for healing animals.  Her quest for more and more knowledge is truly amazing.  She truly wants every animal she works on to feel their very best.  If she doesn’t know the answer to something she will do her very best to find it.  That is my opinion of a true professional.  Thanks for all you have done for my horses over the years!!”

Trish, Wisconsin

“Trudy Johnson’s skill, intuition and dedication are remarkable.  The array of “tools” she utilizes in helping humans and their animal companions find healing and comfort has been invaluable to me.  I’ve presented her with some very complex issues and difficult horses, and she helped them make great improvement, both physically and emotionally.   She’s great at teaching people tools they can use to reinforce and augment her work.  Her respect for the animals and acknowledgement of their needs is very special.  The knowledge, professionalism and open-mindedness she has are rarities in this industry.  I highly recommend her!”

Helen, Washington

“The work I received from Trudy was very gentle and subtle but had a profound effect when I got off the table.  Not only was I standing and walking stronger, but colors were brighter and my brain fog lifted.  Thank you Trudy!”

Kathy, Washington

“I was introduced to Equine Touch when it was used on the horse that I lease.  I came back to riding after a nearly two decade lapse and wasn’t originally exposed to non-western medicine/therapy,  as these were not commonly available to either horse or rider twenty years ago.  The unique aspect I’ve gained the most from this experience is how much the same horse/rider team reflect each other’s physical issues.  Once I had myself evaluated and worked on,  we have seen much greater progress than treating just the horse, himself.  Seeing his improvement is what lead me to having myself worked on too.”

Heather, Washington

“My horses and I always enjoy having Trudy come for a visit.  It is pretty obvious from the horses’ reaction that they are feeling the results of Trudy’s bodywork.  The entire experience of watching Trudy and the horses has turned Equine Touch into a learning experience for me.”

Jayne, New York

“It isn’t often that one has the opportunity to work with a clinician who is gifted, knowledgeable, passionate, ethical and patient.  How lucky my stallion and I were to find just such clinician in Trudy Johnson.
Trudy is also a remarkable “teacher” in every sense of the word.  She readily shares her knowledge and experience provides homework, and actively seeks and encourages feedback.”

Gina Gomez Kindscher

Trudy is awesome!