March 5, 2017

Cranial Sacral

Cranial Sacral

Trudy working on ArthurThere are 29 cranial bones (human and canine) that are connected with sutures. These cranial bones move in a consistent, rhythmical pattern with each other and with the sacrum in the pelvis.  The cranio-sacral rhythm ensures that the sutures between the bones can serve as a shock absorber for an impact to the head.

Another important function of the cranio-sacral mechanics is to function as a pump for the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).  The CSF, that feeds the neurological tissues, needs to be dispersed throughout the brain and the whole dural sack.  The CSF is finally absorbed in the vascular system.

The normal rhythm between the cranium and the sacrum is very crucial for health and successful functioning of the musculo-skeletal system.  Cranial dysfunctions can contribute to lumbo-pelvis dysfunctions and other neurological disorders.

Trudy at the cranial sacral class with Netherlands’ Osteopath Janek Vluggen