March 5, 2017

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is primarily used as a safe and healthy complementary approach to help the treatment, prognosis and therapies of health related issues.  TCM focuses on the body’s energy system and balancing “Qi”.  Qi can be translated as energy or life force and flows in a regular pattern though a system of “channels” also known as meridians to all parts of the body.

The theory of the twelve meridians deals with the body’s physiological function changes, pathological changes and also their relationship with each organ.  It is one of the most vital parts of TCM.  Twelve meridians translate into twelve paths, twelve branches, and twelve networks, which run through our body connecting our internal organs with our external body.  If one’s meridian is abnormal, it will be shown through electric resistance change from relative acupuncture points.

According to TCM,  the internal organs and our external body are connected by the meridians.  That’s how the acupuncture points on the body surface are connected with the organs.  According to Western Medicine,  the internal organs and our external bodies are connected by nerves;  therefore, we know there are close relationships between meridians and nerves.

I learned TCM  from Dr. Luke Cua in southern California,  a fifth generation TCM doctor.  Dr. Cua has developed a product line called,  “Newvita”,  50+  herbal blend formulas in capsule (human, cat, and dog) and powder (horses).  These herbal blends have taken the accuracy of TCM from 45-55%  to 85%.

In TCM, I work with individual organ health and meridians, often utilizing New Vita TCM herbal blends.