March 5, 2017


Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy/ QEST

QEST is a structured, detailed form of energy medicine, which focuses on restoring energetic integrity to the individual.

Applied kinesiology is used to locate:
– Impairment within organs or organ systems
– Issues in muscles, bones, and ligaments
– Emotional or environmental issues
– Infestations from parasites or organisms

Once the impairments are identified, an energetic correction specific to each issue is offered and programmed into the body.

QEST builds upon itself, restoring integrity with long lasting results.

Link to website on QEST by Judith M. Heath, Master Quantum Energetics Practitioner

Link to videos on QEST:
Introduction video about QEST by Paula Burns, Master Quantum Energetics Practitioner
Information video on QEST by Judith M Heath, Master Quantum Energetics Practitioner
QEST Therapy demo by Victoria Longo, Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy Practitioner