March 4, 2017


What is functional healthcare?

Ways to help the body and mind  perform, execute, or work properly.


How did i find my way to functional health?

With a background in science,  (under graduate work in biology, anatomy, and physiology, graduate work in world health), a curious and open mind, figuring out all aspects of one’s health can have a starting point much different than current symptoms may be presenting.

Starting to follow the symptoms backwards to try and locate the source(s) of current symptoms. Learning that finding the starting point of weakness or malfunction is key to  returning the entire body to proper functional health.


What is my philosophy and approach?

“I can never have too many tools” or “it takes a village” are my approaches to  functional health. I usually start with a saliva sample, giving me infinite information on the energetic body/mind. From this sample,  using applied kinesiology, I try and determine the best path to take to address weakness. This  path may include supplemental suggestions, energy medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, vibrational forms of bodywork, energy bodywork or a combination of some or all of these tools. Having  learned, it can take many tools  or a multi level approach to assist the body back to better functional health.